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Here's some useful information for those who are looking to go offshore. In spite of a global tightening of financial restrictions, it's still possible to take care of a great deal of offshore business from your personal computer with minimal costs. Setting up a corporation, or a chain of corporations, opening a bank or brokerage account, and even securing second citizenship are all surprisingly simple. The formalities will more than pay for themselves.

Citizenship by purchase programs:
St. Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Program
Commonwealth of Dominica Economic Citizenship
Austria Citizenship by Investment Program
Guatemala Pensionado Program

Nevis Registered Agents:
Nevis offers the International Business Corporation (IBC) option for foreigners wishing to set up a Nevis-based company. Companies are not taxed on income generated outside Nevis, only one officer is required, and there are no annual reporting requirements for companies.  Bearer shares are permitted but must be held in the custody of a third party. Generally, opening a bank account in Nevis will require reference letters from other banks or lawyers, which may be a deterrent for some prospective incorporators.
Beaumont Corporation
IFG Trust Services
Morning Star Holdings

Seychelles Registered Agents:
The Seychelles offers the IBC option for investors wishing to set up an outside company. Companies are subject to no taxation or reporting requirements. Bearer shares are permitted, but the name of the owner must be recorded with the registered agent. It is typically easier to open bank accounts without references in the Seychelles, but the jurisdiction is also sometimes regarded as less secure for investors due to mutual legal assistance treaties that the Seychelles has signed with other nations.
Fidelity Corporate Services
Sterling Offshore

Bearer Bonds:
Bearer bonds are a rarity in today's market, thanks to the fear governments have that the holders will use them to bypass reporting requirements and currency controls. That rareness only makes them all the more useful for those who value their privacy. While no longer as common as they once were, they are still obtainable from several sources.
Panama Law - Offers bearer bonds issued by the Guatemalan government
The Maui Company - Not exactly bearer bonds, but excellent substitutes for them

Offshore Brokers:
Saxo Bank


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